Manage the PlanetLab Sites.

PlanetLab Manager

Have you ever run distributed Internet experiments using PlanetLab? Have you ever wondered how you can focus on your research questions, rather than how to connect and manage your PlanetLab nodes? The PlanetLab Manager is your answer.

The PlanetLab Manager is a software that simplifies the way you manage your distributed experiments using the PlanetLab platform.

It helps you visualize the distribution of your slices and nodes.

Configure Your Slice

The slice management interface enables you to choose the nodes for your slice, which are relevant for your experiment.

PlanetLab node selection is available by location, status or slice, simplifying the configuration of slices with many nodes.

Node status is displayed in real-time, informing you on which nodes are unavailable at the moment.

Configure Your PlanetLab Slice.

Connect to PlanetLab Nodes.

Connect to Nodes

Once you configured your slice, there is no need to switch to a different tool!

The integrated Secure Shell console enables you to immediately create an SSH connection to the nodes you have just configured.

Secure sessions to multiple nodes are maintained in parallel, making it easy to switch between different nodes, execute programs simultaneously, or compare data results.

Last updated: February 11, 2014