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CModelFlow Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for CModelFlow:
CModel CRoute CInfo CSimModel

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Public Member Functions

 CModelFlow (__time maxTime, CTopo *topology, __uint32 topologyNumber, __uint32 numHosts, __uint32 numGateways, __bitrate bwAccessUpLink, __bitrate bwAccessDownLink, __time delayAccessUpLink, __time delayAccessDownLink, __uint32 queueLink)
virtual void Init (CSimHandler *sim)
virtual __uint32 Events ()
virtual CSimEventEvent (__uint32 index, __time &time)
virtual void Finalize ()
virtual __uint32 NumGroups ()
virtual CChannelChannel (__uint32 index)
virtual CChannelChannelMulticast (__uint32 index)
virtual CChannelChannelUnicast (__uint32 index)
virtual CModelChannelModelChannel ()
virtual int Forward (CAddress router, CAddress dst)

Protected Attributes

__uint32 topologyNumber
__uint32 numHosts
__uint32 numGateways
CHostFlow ** hosts
CRouter ** routers
CLink ** linksCore
CLink ** linksAccess
__uint32 * gateways
__uint32 * routerAccessLinks
__bitrate bwAccessUpLink
__bitrate bwAccessDownLink
__time delayAccessUpLink
__time delayAccessDownLink
__uint32 queueLink
__uint32 routeNodes
__uint32 routeDst
int ** route
__uint64 dataBwTotal
double dataBwAvg
__uint64 dataBwCoreTotal
double dataBwCoreAvg
__uint64 dataBwAccessTotal
double dataBwAccessAvg
__uint64 dataBwAccessUpTotal
double dataBwAccessUpAvg
__uint64 dataBwAccessDownTotal
double dataBwAccessDownAvg
__uint64 dataBwStreamTotal
double dataBwStreamAvg
__uint64 dataBwCoreStreamTotal
double dataBwCoreStreamAvg
__uint64 dataBwAccessStreamTotal
double dataBwAccessStreamAvg
__uint64 dataBwAccessUpStreamTotal
double dataBwAccessUpStreamAvg
__uint64 dataBwAccessDownStreamTotal
double dataBwAccessDownStreamAvg
__uint64 dataBwControlTotal
double dataBwControlAvg
__uint64 dataBwCoreControlTotal
double dataBwCoreControlAvg
__uint64 dataBwAccessControlTotal
double dataBwAccessControlAvg
__uint64 dataBwAccessUpControlTotal
double dataBwAccessUpControlAvg
__uint64 dataBwAccessDownControlTotal
double dataBwAccessDownControlAvg

Detailed Description

Definition at line 27 of file ModelFlow.h.

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Last updated: February 8, 2011